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ERK Bushcraft Knife with Cocobolo scales

Hello and welcome to my website E R Knives selling handmade knives for bushcraft, hunting & other outdoor activities.

I have been interested in Knives & Bushcraft since I was 7 years old after been given a book called 'Camping with Eddie McGee' which inspired me to learn more, and as I was fortunate enough to be born in the 'wilds' of North Wales the opportunities were plentiful.

When I was 14 years old bushcraft was left aside for many years(although it was useful on many trips) when I started rock climbing, and this soon became an obsession spending all of my free time dangling from a rock face mainly in North Wales and also in several parts of the UK & Europe.

My interest in Bushcraft was later re ignited when I discovered Ray Mears, and I so much wanted a Woodlore Knife but could not afford it, so this inspired me to make my own knife. The first few were not pretty but were functional.

Here they are now, in the order they were made.
My first 3 knives ever made
I worked in the engineering industry for 25 years mainly in the height safety market, working for one of the world's leading climbing equipment manufacturers, so I have come to appreciate a good looking and functional piece of metal, and I always aim to get the best possible look & feel to my knives without comprimising on performance.

I made my first bushcraft knife in 2003, and have made several since, each one being a pleasure to make.

In 2011 I decided to produce knives for a living so that other people may enjoy them as well.

I am also a keen Bushcrafter when time allows, and am a member on the Bushcraft UK forum.
For great information about various aspects of Bushcrafting click on the link below.


All of my knives are completely handmade by me from O1 high carbon tool steel, then hardened & tempered. Each knife is then individually hardness tested to check that the correct results have been achieved. This ensures that the knife is hard enough to keep a sharp edge, but still maintaining toughness to deal with the most demanding of bushcraft & carving work.

The handles are made from various hardwoods which I have available, I can also make handles from Antler, horn, bone, and other man made materials if available.

If there is nothing to your liking or there is limited stock in the shop, then please feel free to contact me, I would be more than happy to quote you for a knife.

Sometimes I have limited time to make knives for stock to go on the website due to other commitments / orders.
Thank You for taking time to visit my website.

Eifion Roberts

ER Knives (ERK)